Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents (Not Adoptable)


Many of our equines cannot be adopted and become permanent residents.  This can be for a number of reasons:


1)  The horse is elderly. 

It can be unfair to expect an elderly horse to adjust to yet another new home.  Of course, older horses can be harder to place just due to its age.  What new owners may fail to realize is they may be getting a much more experienced, better trained, calmer horse.


2) The horse is untrained. 

Some owners are looking for a horse they can train from scratch.  However, we usually  have to train the horse before he is adoptable.


3) The horse may have a physical impairment. 

He may have poor vision and/or lameness (laminitis is not uncommon).


4) Psychological.

The horse may be emotionally unfit to adopt because he feels unsafe or has not learned to trust humans yet.


5) Other reasons.

For example, Goliath is our herd boss, and therefore he is a crucial element to the Wolf Ranch herd stability.  He was also severely abused, and it has taken a while for him to learn to love again.  So, we feel it is unfair to the big guy to stress him further.





Meet Our Awesome Permanent Residents!


Ata Boy Charlie

Ata Boy Charlie (nicknamed Charlie Horse) is a permanent resident here at the ranch.  He is a 15 hand Dapple Grey TB.  He is 9-year-old gelding.  Charlie is currently trail ridden but only short distances due to chronic sore front hooves.  Despite the pain, Charlie loves to run. 






Goliath is the herd boss here at Wolf Ranch.  He is 16.2 hands and is a trail-ridden Draft Horse mix.  Goliath was seized by the authorities when he was starved to half of his current weight.  He was rehabilitated by Heartland Equine Rescue and was then adopted by our organization.  Despite the abuse he took, he is a gentle giant and is currently one of the favorites by those who know him.









Barbie is a 29-year-old mare Palomino.  She is very calm and friendly, but never has been ridden.   Barbie (along with Cowboy) was obtained from the family of Tom Overton after his death.  Barbie will live out her remaining years at the Wolf Ranch Horse Rescue alongside Cowboy.






Cowboy is a 19-year-old Paint gelding.  Built like a tank, he is 1,350 pounds and 15.2 hands.  Although untrained and unridden, he is very calm and friendly.  He loves getting brushed and hugged.  Cowboy is blind in the left eye and has poor vision in the right.  He was obtained with Barbie after the death of his owner Tom Overton.   Cowboy and Rascal are buddy horses and always together.

Cowboy.jpegcoyboy again



Rascal is a 26-year-old gelding Saddlebred 15 hand horse.  He is very friendly and trained for trail ridding.  Rascal was obtained from Lisa Smith, Rascal’s lifetime owner, due to her illness.

Rascal, middle, with Cowboy and Cheyenne.



Deceased Members of Our Herd:








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