Types of Placement:

1) Temporary Stay


Sometimes a temporary 60-day stay at the Wolf Ranch is the lifeline that a beleaguered owner may need to hang onto their horses long-term. The owner may find themselves in a temporary crisis situation that might otherwise result in them losing their horse forever. They might have an illness or financial strain that they need time to correct. We  can give them that time by boarding their horses for them on a 60-day stay.


Recently, Rain and Dixie came to us when their owner became homeless. We provided a safe haven for them while their owner took care of her stressful situation. It was one less worry and great emotional comfort for her knowing that she would not lose her beloved horses.  After their 60-day stay with us, Rain and Dixie were able to be reunited with their owner.




2) Adoption/Re-homing


The motto of WRHR is to find the right home for the right horse. We want each and every one of our treasured residents to find a loving home where they are wanted and well cared for. We had six adoptions in 2017.


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Meet Our Current Adoptable Horses!




3) Permanent Resident

Sometimes a horse just isn’t in a good place, physically or psychologically, to be adopted out, so we choose to keep them for the rest of their life as one of our permanent residents.


Meet Our Permanent Residents!

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